Anuar Maauad / Queretaro, Mx, 1984.

He studied architecture in the ¨Universidad de las Américas” in Puebla. He has had many collaborative expositions in Mexico and abroad. Spaces like ¨el Museo del Chopo¨, ¨ Hot Art Fair” parallel to Art Basel, ¨Expo Chicago¨, ¨Galería Emma Molina¨, ¨Polyforum Siqueiros¨, among others.

In the 2010, he founded Casa Maauad, a non-for-profit residency program focused in the production of art, based in Mexico City. Due to its support and promotion of the contemporary art scene, the residency became an important part within the contemporary art movement in Mexico. After operating for seven years, the residency closed its doors in 2017.

Using sculpture and interactive pieces, Maauad’s work serves as an examination of the representation, perceptive experience, and the concepts of the body and the individual. To achieve this representation of the sensorial or subliminal, the sculptures of Maauad depend of their manipulation of volume, scale and figuration.

In his most recent work, Maauad examines the relationship between the political identity and social memory, and the subject of the perceptive experience. The artist reveals that this series of pieces are molds previously used to make busts and commemorative’s statues of public officials in Mexico. For Maauad, these pieces are the result of a reaction to the history of the production of monuments in Mexico, which has depended more on the “know-how” that stems from the need to represent visually the hierarchies of power more than the tendencies that exists in the contemporary art. Thereby, the monument itself has been kept to maintain this sense of nationalism that its already outgrown and at the same time has generated an endless number of totems and banal propaganda for heroes.