GERMANY, MEXICO 1915- 1990
Mathias Goeritz was a German architect and sculptor, who after World War II was established in Mexico . He's considered to be the driving force behind the "emotional architecture" and one of the protagonists of Mexican art modernisation.
Among his works are the Eco Museum, opened in 1953. This museum housed important pieces such as Snake , a sculpture of Goeritz which is currently at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. In 2005, the Echo was restored and today serves as a museum once again . Goeritz, promoted the creation of the Route of Friendship in the beltway of Mexico City on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 1968. He collaborated with Luis Barragan in the design of the Satellite Towers and Ricardo Legorreta in Automex Towers and mural at the Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City. He died on August 4, 1990 , at 75 years of age in Mexico City .