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CASA MAAUAD | Portfolio '14 and conversation with Anuar Maauad

Casa Maauad, founded in 2010 by Mexican artist Anuar Maauad, is a nonprofit residence focused on art production, based in Mexico City.

Their goal is to create strong relationships between international artists and the contemporary art scene in Mexico. To accomplish this, residents are motivated to establish dialogue and fruitful exchanges during their time living in the house with other residents and also through the  production and exhibition of their work while in the house.

Artists living in Mexico City, have continually collaborated with the house through a space designated for projects.  Local artists are supported by having this exhibition space available to them as well as access to Mexican and foreign curators, directors, and artists.

Casa Maauad serves as a meeting point between artists, curators, institutions, museums and galleries. They aspire to maintain a diverse and innovative program in order to continue to support the contemporary art scene in Mexico City.