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Encuéntrame entre las flores

  • Galeria Emma Molina (map)

Artist: Tahanny Lee Betanourt

All the stages of a flower are always surprising: the button is always the unexpected promise of a smile, the opening of a plenitude that, however announced it may have been, is miraculous, and the decay, although gradual and expected, invariably sudden. Presence and absence are always splendid, extraordinary. Why is it so difficult for us to accept that everything is temporary, that everything will disappear? The message of each flower that is born and wilts is incessantly of the fugitive permanence. The flowers that we see here were from a funeral and collected in a trunk that has been opening every anniversary, to add new flowers, to close it again; When we look into this room delimited to the center of the room, we peer into that same movement in the history perfumed by successive blinks. The drying flowers as a whole have dictated the color palette in the blasting of the paintings, and the graphic imprint of their passage through time in the other monochromatic. To understand the visual, acoustic and olfactory rhythm between absence and presence is that now we come to find ourselves among the flowers, with the half-lost look among the multitude of petals that have left their persistent imprint through the years as a memory that is updated in each opening and closing of the eye, suspended which corresponds to the temporality of the absences, guided by the voice because only the song knows how to speak the flourishing language of those who have left because the voice fades as soon as it moves us, a instrumentation by Tahanny of all the senses of the body to give shape to the statute of death as the common good in which we face, we recognize and learn to love each other.
-Erick Vazquez.

Earlier Event: December 6
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