Miguel Fernández de Castro (Sonora, 1986). Works with long-term investigation projects that implicate both writing and visual arts. In 2013, he started the on-going project: Marginal Atlas of Geology, in which he allegorically investigates geological phenomenon and processes derived from late capitalism in Northwestern Mexico.

2015 Three Feet: The Enigma of Succesion. Growing Old and Retirement. Lake House, UNAM. Mexico DF, Mexico. 
2015 México: The Future is Unwritten. Contemporary Artists from Mexico. Palazzo Cini, Venice, Italy.
2015 Reveal and Detonate. Photography in Mexico, Cibeles Center. Madrid, Spain.
2014 A Museum of Immortality. Ashkal Alwan. Beirut, Lebanon.
2014 Optical Illusion. Modern Art Museum. Mexico DF, Mexico.
2014 Small format. El Castillo Museum. Medellin, Colombia.
2013 Interim. Zico House Gallery. Beirut, Lebanon.
2013 The Marvelous Real. Anthropology Museum  Vancouver, Canada.
2013 Disrupted Nature. Latin American Art Museum,  MOLAA. Los Angeles, USA. 
2013 After Álvarez Bravo. America Museum. Madrid, Spain.
2013 X FEMSA Bienalle. Old School of San Ildefonso. México DF, Mexico.
2012 X FEMSA Bienalle. Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey, MARCO. Monterrey, Mexico.
2012 Active Creation: FONCA Young Creators 2011-12. City Museum. Queretaro, Mexico. 
2012 Faith non-believers' paragraph. Frontier 96. México DF, Mexico
2012 ¡Danger! The collaboration,Museum of Latin American Art.  Los Angeles, USA.
2011 Photography Tierney Fellowship . Photo New York Festival. New York, USA.
2010 Confessions. Jaus Gallery. Los Angeles, USA.

A Library of Web Printings # 3. Digital and print versions. New York, USA, 2015. 
On the Limit. EXIT # 52. Madrid, Spain 2014.

2013-14 Workspace Home Program. Ashkal Alwan. Beirut, Lebanon.
2009-12 Philosophy at Autonomous University of Baja California. Mexico.
2006-08 Visual arts at University of Sonora. Mexico.

2013-14 Home Workspace Fellow Program. Ashkal Alwan. Beirut, Lebanon.
2012 Acquisition price X Monterrey FEMSA Biennale. Monterrey, Mexico.
2011-12 FONCA Young creators scholarship. México.
2011 New Discovery Prize Photo España. Madrid, Spain.
2010 Tierney Fellowship. New York, New York
2009 Honorable Mention, XII Northeast Visual Arts Biennale. Sinaloa, Mexico.
2008-09 FECAS Intern. Young Creators Category. Sonora, Mexico. 

2015 All accumulation is violent and commodity circulates better eroded . Emma Molina Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.
2014 A Micro History of YouTube in Beirut. Ashkal Alwan. Beirut, Lebanon.
2013 Field work. Geology Marginal Atlas. ATEA. Mexico City, Mexico
2013 Lets fake dissidence. Bikini Wax. Mexico City, Mexico. 
2012 Foirade. San Diego Contemporary Art Fair. San Diego, USA.
2012 Something that started so well is now ruined. Luis Adelantado Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
2011 End of the path. Sonora Art Museum. Hermosillo, Mexico.
2010 Impostures. Eusebio Kino Gallery. Hermosillo, Mexico.