Sofía Ortiz \ Mexico City, MX, 1988.


Ortiz’ work is conformed of a series of micro-cosmos that together, manage to turn into a perfectly composed system without any previous planing or design, that emulates the processes of the natural world. Her fascination for nature, can be appreciated in each and every one of her pieces and she considers it to be a part solution part antithesis to the sameness of globalized consumerism and our contemporary reality. 


2011 BA in Fine Arts with a painting and drawing mention, graduated with Honors. Yale University. New Haven, USA.
2014-2017 Master in Visual Arts, painting. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Rhode Island, USA.


2014-15 Swatch Art Piece Hotel Residency, Shanghai, China. 
2012-13 Young Creators Scholarship in paint, FONCA/CONACULTA, Mexico DF, Mexico.
2012 Internship as a scientific illustrator at the Rio de Janeiro National Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
2011 Ethel Child Walker Thesis Award, Yale University, New Haven, USA.
2009-10 Nancy Bartell Fellowship for the Arts, scholarship for the study of oil painting restoration of the XVIIIth century


2015 Biocromática, Emma Molina Gallery. Monterrey, Mexico.


2015 Moving Studios, How Museum. Wenzhou, China. 
2014 Red Dot Fair, Miami Art Basel, JLS Gallery. Miami, USA.
2014 Ante todo lo primero, Casa Lamm. Hotbook. Mexico DF, Mexico.
2014 El arte anclado, Memory and Tolerance Museum. Mexico DF, Mexico.
2014 Creación en Movimiento, CONACULTA/ FONCA, Mexico City Library. Mexico DF, México.  
2013 Etnogramas: códigos animalistas, MYL Contemporary Art Gallery. Mexico DF, Mexico. 
2013 Creación en Movimiento, CONACULTA/ FONCA, Centro de las Artes Veracruzano. Veracruz, México.  
2012 Los guardianes del herbario del rey, Curated by Luis Orozco, Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico DF, Mexico. 
2011 Thesis Exhibit, Green Gallery. New Haven, USA.


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2014 La danza de los colores, Cultura Colectiva.
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